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SEO Location Landing Pages now in WordPress

MetaLocator allows for the automatic creation and publishing of SEO-optimized location landing pages for each of your locations directly in Wordpress or via FTP. This integration allows you to maintain tight integration between your existing Wordpress website and the data stored in MetaLocator.  To learn how to configure your Wordpress integration, see the documentation.  

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MetaLocator is Hiring

No outsourcing firms will be considered MetaLocator is looking to expand its support team with a part-time position starting at 20 hours per week.  The right candidate with bring a blend of basic technical ability, customer service, attention to detail and willingness to learn in a high-demand environment where the goal of 100% customer [...]

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MetaLocator Map Marker Maker

MetaLocator strives to be totally automated, especially for non-technical users.  Sometimes the small barriers make all the difference, and in light of that observation, we've created a simple tool that helps our customers create map marker icons based on an uploaded image.  This tool resizes the image to a map-appropriate width, and allows for direct [...]

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