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Our Locator Software Powers 2 Million Visitors Per Month, 6000 Search Engines And 4 Million Locations

Create a Store Locator, Product Finder or Searchable Database using your data as a seamless aspect of your existing website.  Free for 30 days.

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Simply the most feature-rich Store Locator Software Available

Leverage over 300 features to create searchable databases including Store Locators, Product Finders, Staff Directories, Physician Finders, Property Maps, Sales Territory Maps, Heat Maps and much more.

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Retailer Commitment

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Satisfied Customers

Multiple Solutions, One Platform

Basic “locator” features are ready to go out of the box so you can create a store locator, product finder or dealer locator for your web site in minutes. If needed, explore the entire feature set including a complete mobile app, sales territories, custom data types, record relationships, your own map marker icons and much more. MetaLocator™ is used by over 1,600 customers in 80+ countries worldwide. Each customer relationship has revealed new, creative ways to use our software and has guided our feature development. Much more than a store locator, MetaLocator™ is a complete web-based database solution for your Web site. Don’t see a feature you’re looking for? Contact us. Chances are it already exists, or we’ll add it for you. A customer-centric approach is how we’ve gotten our software to where it is now and it’s how we continue to innovate and outpace the competition.

Retail Solutions

  • Store Locator – Quickly find the nearest stores to your users. Present clear results automatically based on the user’s detected location.
  • Product Finder – Manage unique inventory at each location.  Allow your customers to drill down through a product category to find locations that stock that product.
  • Service Areas and Territories – Create a map of your dealers, repair centers or delivery providers, optionally considering territories to direct certain searches to certain locations.

Financial Solutions

  • Branch Locator – Securely show your bank or credit union’s branch locations, including services provided, hours, location photos and more.
  • ATM Locator – Show nearby ATM locations with custom attributes like accessibility options, deposit-enabled, in-branch and operation hours.

Medical Solutions

  • Physician Directory – Provide a hierarchical drill-down search of your network providers with photos, gender, specialties and location.
  • Provider Directory – Show participating hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.  Provide a searchable directory of physicians at each location.

Other Solutions

  • Searchable Databases – Job Boards, Membership Directories, Dentist Finders, any type of data can be used to create a searchable database on your Web site.
  • Integrations – Shopify Store Locators, Facebook Store Locators, Volusion and more.
  • CrowdSourced Directories – Allow your visitors to contribute data directly to your online directory.  Build content rapidly from your user base while moderating for quality.

What sets us apart

Getting Started in 3 Steps

Import Your Data

Upload data in bulk or add locations one by one, or even automate with our data API

Import Your Data

Add locations in bulk via a spreadsheet, a simple form or automate with our API

Configure Your Search

Choose from our templates or dive into the 300 options to build your custom search

Configure Your Search

Choose from our templates or dive into the 300 options to build your custom search

Deploy to your Website

Copy and paste a single line of code to deploy to your Website

Deploy to your Website

Copy and paste a single line of code to deploy to your Website

Up and Running in Minutes

Watch the quickstart video which shows a complete solution built in under 90 seconds.  The video shows the basic steps of getting started with MetaLocator, including importing data, creating an interface and viewing the results.  See more videos on our Youtube Channel.

Easy Integration for all Web sites

MetaLocator™ works with any Web site. Deploying your MetaLocator™ solution is as simple as copying and pasting a single line of code on your website where you would like the software to appear. Do that only once, and manage your settings, locations and layout from MetaLocator.com thereafter. Create as many search interfaces as needed, one for your vendors, one for your sales staff directory and another for your customers searching for retail outlets. Even include an unobtrusive store finder search in your web site’s header.

Dedicated Support When You Need It

Call our toll-free number, ask our helpdesk, read our documentation or use our context-sensitive help system to get the help and guidance you need. We focus on building video tutorials and documentation for each and every feature. MetaLocator™ is easy to use, but if you need direct help, resources are available 24×7. We also offer one-on-one training sessions at no cost for our customers. MetaLocator™ is built around our customer’s needs.

Hundreds of Supported Countries

MetaLocator.com is used throughout the world. You can display locations in multiple languages and search in any of over 200 countries. Display a single international map to allow users to search by postal code worldwide.  You can control and translate all customer-facing language in all character sets, including right-to-left character sets.  Check country support.

“After working with several other locator services, we changed to MetaLocator”

“If I could sum them up in one word it would be, service. Not only were we working on a tight deadline, our locator had unique requirements as well. We emailed with questions numerous times and they always promptly responded with insightful suggestions. They even joined our team for a conference call to make sure everyone’s questions were answered.  I highly recommend MetaLocator to anyone seeking locator software for their website”– Scott Johnson – Partner, Key Marketing Group – February 2014

You provide some of the best and quickest customer service! You rock! Some of the the best support out there!
Orenco Systems, Inc., MetaLocator Customer
@MetaLocator’s support is absolutely terrific, as @jonschr can attest. Thanks for the quick responses!

Redfish Bluefish Media, MetaLocator Customer
5 stars – I recently switched to using MetaLocator. I love that it’s compatible with ANY site or system now…much more flexible. Also, the customer service and support response time is unparalleled in the industry.
Ryan Klatt, MotoGrafik
MetaLocator is an amazing product. It is robust, packed with features and yet easy to use. I wish we would have known about it 6 months ago. It would have saved us a lot of hassle with custom built solutions that don’t even come close to what MetaLocator can offer. The customer service has been the best part. Every question we’ve had has been met with a quick and knowledgeable response.
As a developer myself, I definitely will be recommending MetaLocator.
Eric Miller, K&M Manufacturing
I have been very impressed with MetaLocator. I was reviewing many hosted Find a Location Near You providers and eventually chose MetaLocator because it had all the features that I was looking for, and a very fair price. What I did not know at the time is how great the support would be. I have had a number of “out of the box” scenarios that I needed to set up and all my questions and support requests were answered quickly and knowledgeably. They even made a change to the core of the system to accommodate a specific feature request that I had. I highly recommend this tool.
James Friesen, Square 2 Marketing

Search Engine Optimized to Drive Traffic

Fully index-able landing pages for each person, place or thing.  Automatically generate highly optimized location landing pages for each location. Easily build hierarchical directories of pages at the Country, State/Province, City level or custom levels.  We do the heavy lifting of generating the pages and building site maps that plug directly into your Website.  No plugins to install or server requirements.

Distribute your content to scores of directory websites automatically.

MetaLocator is a Factual Trusted Data Provider.  We publish your data to tier 1 content networks at the lowest cost per location available.  From there your content can appear on scores of directories including:

Complete Mobile App Included

Quickly deploy a native look-and-feel search application.  Get your icon on your customer’s device home screen without the hassle of app stores.

Over 300 features, more than we can list here

  • Simple Installation

  • Works with any Web site type

  • Choose from hundreds of options without writing code

  • Bi-weekly updates

  • Hundreds of documentation articles

  • Context-sensitive help system

  • Getting Started Wizard

  • Direct access to helpdesk

  • 1-800 number for phone support

  • Import data from a spreadsheet

  • Import data from SalesForce

  • Custom Integration with our API

  • Import public data from our data libraries

  • Custom fields, field types and names

  • Control all customer-facing text

  • Edit data manually within our Dashboard

  • Export Data in Bulk

  • Allow end users to submit data

  • Complete Facebook Integration

  • International support, multiple languages and RTL

  • Fully Customizable Search

  • Multiple Search Interfaces in the same account

  • White-labelled search interface, seamless integration with your Website

  • Territory and Service Area Support

  • Multiple Related Data Types with Master-Detail Pages.

  • Complete Mobile App included

  • Custom hierarchical drill-down search

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Only 3 Steps to Go Live

Import  your data, configure your search and deploy!  Getting up and running is as easy as these 3 steps and you are off and running.  Works with any website.

Import Your Data

From Spreadsheets, CSV, SalesForce, our API and more!

Import Your Data

Use our API for custom integrations

Configure Your Search

Choose from 200 options, create unlimited search engines.

Configure Your Search

Build multiple, categorized, individually-deploy-able search engines

Deploy to Your Website

Copy and paste 1 line of code to your site and you're live.

Deploy to Your Website

Our software appears as a seamless, integrated aspect of your website.

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