Introducing the Interface Builder

Design your locator using a rich point-and-click experience that is easy enough for non-technical users but powerful enough for developers. Pick colors, change search options and design features with no programming skills required. Control the arrangement of information, sizes, colors and fonts. Add custom fields, images and links to files. Customize the map marker icon and marker click behavior.

  • Point-and-click through all our features
  • No programming skills required
  • Instant preview of changes
  • Drag and drop placement and ordering

Store locator software builder

Complete Content Management

Bulk upload and synchronized data from various sources including Google Sheets, CSV, SalesForce, SFTP and more. Individually edit locations or perform bulk actions directly in the Control Panel. Export data and settings in bulk. For Enterprise users, access a complete audit trail, version history and rollback.

  • Easily manage large collections of data
  • Invite your entire team with multi-user access
  • Categorize, update and geocode data directly in the dashboard

locator software content management

Ready to use templates

Get started quickly with templates built leveraging best practices crafted over 13 years of implementing locators and searchable directories. Easily colorize and customize each template and adapt to your brand and specific use case. Choose from a gallery of pre-built store locators, dealer locators, product finders, staff galleries, searchable databases and more.

  • Purpose-built templates leveraging over a decade of experience
  • Easily change colors, fonts, styles, and behavior
  • Create an unlimited number of locators within a single account

Seamless Integration with any Website

Tightly integrates with your Website without scrollbars, advertising or “powered by” logos. Visitors will consider MetaLocator as an integrated part of your Website. Responsively adapts to your site width and height automatically. Simple one-time copy and paste to install.

  • No awkward scrollbars, spaces or gaps
  • No elaborate co-branding or MetaLocator logos
  • Simple copy-and-paste installation

integrated store locator

Mobile Device Support

MetaLocator recognizes and uses mobile device capabilities including GPS and device-native Share. Beyond just responsive behavior, MetaLocator is a mobile-first application that leverages device sensors and features to provide an app-like experience. Locator users are inherently mobile and MetaLocator thrives in that context.

  • Device native GPS and Directions
  • Integrated mobile “Share/Send”
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly

Global Deployment Support

Create a global locator for your international partners. Includes support for all languages and address systems including right-to-left display. Automatically display the customer country and include country-specific options, products and default language.

  • Serve all countries, languages and address systems
  • Supports all character sets and RTL
  • Jump to any country and default to the visitor country

global dealer locator

Prioritize, Rank & Feature Results

Feature certain high-performing dealers based on category membership, a custom attribute or combine multiple sorting criteria to create a highly specialized search. Introduce random ordering to improve equity and fairness among dealers for online and in-store results.

  • Promote certain categories
  • Prioritize by a custom field, e.g. annual sales
  • Custom styles and colors based on priorities

prioritize top performing dealers in your dealer finder

Buy Online

Drive traffic to where your customers can interact with your brand online or in person. Link directly from a product detail page to your locator with the chosen product pre-selected. Dynamically create per-product-per-retailer links, import them in bulk or display a simple gallery of icons. Omnichannel eCommerce customers can even track actual customer transactions through online partners.

  • Display online retailers that sell your products
  • Link directly from your product detail page
  • Track clicks and even conversions by retailer and by product

buy online store locator

Enterprise-class Data Integration

Create bulk, recurring data imports. Leverage extensive synchronization options including bi-directional, one-way and more. Pull data on a recurring basis from SalesForce, Google Sheets, SFTP and more. Integrate lead data with SalesForce, HubSpot or custom CRM with our API tools.

  • Connect and synchronize with external systems
  • Route leads via existing CRM tools
  • Process data tasks on a scheduled, automatic basis.

Lead Generation

Capture leads for each location and route to a location-specific contact, an administrator, or both. Create a custom contact form with our drag-and-drop tools. Enterprise customers can access lead optimization and routing options to monitor and improve performance. Track dealer response time and even re-assign leads away from unresponsive dealers.

  • Generate more revenue from your locator
  • Track dealer response time
  • Promote and identify high-performing dealers
  • Create custom lead generation forms

Rich Location Content

Include store hours, holiday hours, image galleries, a primary image, HTML description, time zone, email, website and custom fields of every imaginable type.

  • Show a call to action for each search result
  • Include images, videos and other media
  • Add categories, products, links and lists

dealer locator with rich content

Sales Territory Support

Create territories to define where certain locations should be returned as search results. Define territories as county, zip code, polygon boundary and more. Combine territory types for unlimited control.

  • Mix geographic and territory results
  • Prioritize territory results
  • Create exclusive territories

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Track Performance with Analytics

Track everything that occurs in your Interfaces. See basic analytics like visitors, page views and returning visitors, then look deeper to see every phone number clicked, link visited and search performed.

  • View searches by geography
  • Show clicks on links, details and map markers
  • Create custom segments and export raw data

Products, Events and Custom Related data

Manage product inventory per location, location-specific events, staff, news, and more. Create custom related tables for parent-child relationships with detail pages.

  • Create a product finder with location-specific inventory
  • Create SKU or Category-based product finders
  • Display per-location custom content such as news, events and staff

Access HTML & CSS

Our Platinum and higher users can access HTML and CSS to create conditional logic within search results (E.g. If dealer is true, then display a badge icon) and tightly integrated branding. Match your Website styles exactly with direct CSS control.

  • Perfectly match your Website brand
  • Create conditional logic and advanced dynamic behavior
  • Implement conditional highlighting

Deep Linking

Provide a search bar in your Website header for quick access to location search. Easily “deep link” into any search from other pages on your Website. Create deep links including category search, product search or geography search.

  • Create a quick location search bar for your Website
  • Deep link into searches for products, countries or keywords
  • Dynamically set locator options for country-specific rules and exceptions

showing nearby search automatically displayed

Social and text-message sharing

Share location details via Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social channels. Share via text message, air-drop or any connected app on a mobile device. Share searches via email.

  • Deliver results to the user’s phone
  • Encourage viral sharing via social media
  • Send customized SMS text messages with directions, links and content

sharing social media

Location Reviews

Capture and present reviews and star ratings for each location. Import reviews in bulk or gather them from your visitors. Optionally allow location-specific contacts to decide which reviews should display. Even leverage the score internally to rank your dealers in the locator search results.

store locator with reviews

Multi-User and Teams Access

Users with Platinum and higher accounts can create multiple users and assign access to various areas of MetaLocator to delegate content management and control access. Enterprise users can create Teams of users around specific brands, countries or custom role-based access control.

multiple users collaborating to manage store locator software

Advanced API and Automation

Platinum and higher users can leverage 3 APIs for data management, analytics and platform-as-a-service. Build mobile apps on top of MetaLocator. Create recurring ETL processes to keep data in sync across the Enterprise. API access is also available as an add-on to any plan.

  • Analytics API
  • Data Management API
  • Platform-as-a-Service API



Allow users to claim and manage one or more profiles with content approval and notifications. Control which fields can be accessed by Crowdsourcing users. Approve users with administrative notifications. Stage and approve incoming edits with side-by-side comparison of changes.

  • Allow users to enhance locations
  • Control, approve, reject and audit changes
  • Delegate location content management


SEO Location Pages

MetaLocator can create search-engine ready pages for each of your locations. Our SEO pages include a hierarchical directory of region pages to create a search engine honey-pot of links to cities, states, countries and locations such as These include location schema and proper markup, titles and metas.

  • Create one page per location
  • Includes a crawl-able hierarchy of location pages
  • Optimized location markup so search engines include pages in map results
  • Export to and import from Google My Business

seo location pages