The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that offers. Because our service by nature relies on a combination of a customer-supplied Web site and our MetaLocator software (the “Service”) it is important to define what is supported by MetaLocator and what is the responsibility of the customer and/or third-party software vendors.Wherever possible, MetaLocator staff make every effort to support our customers.  We have an extensive Documentation library that should address the most common issues that are directly supported by us.  We strongly encourage our customers to use this extensive resource to not only seek support, but also to become more familiar with our product and the extent of our support. We do encourage you to open a support request with our help desk, even if you feel your issue might not be covered by our Statement of Support.  Just remember, it never hurts to ask…


  • Customer understanding of the Service, it’s settings and use.
  • Guidance on implementation and how to best use MetaLocator
  • Troubleshooting, and configuration assistance
  • Upgrades, including major and minor releases
  • Feature Request and Enhancement submission
  • Service availability, up-time and responsiveness

Not Supported

  1. Customer Web-site issues, use or editing.  We make every effort to ensure our software is 100% compatible with all Web sites.  However, some Web sites can have existing problems that may interfere with, obscure, hide, change or disable the Service.  These issues our outside of our control and best supported by your Webmaster.  We maintain a list of Support Partners that have experience with and direct access to our technical staff.
  2. Operating the software on your behalf.  General use of the software, including importing data, changing or adding locations and changing settings is your responsibility.  We will be available at every turn to help you use and understand our software; but we stop short of doing the work for you.
  3. Extended Application Training.  MetaLocator will answer any questions you have about our software free of charge, but we need to charge for extended Webinar/screen sharing training sessions.
  4. Internet Training.  We do not provide training or educational services regarding basic operation of Internet technology and concepts. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as hyperlinks, email, and adding or updating pages on your Web site.
  5. Customer Scripts and Applications.  Due to the quantity and ever-changing complexity of internet software, it simply isn’t feasible for us to know the details of how all the applications you’re running work. You are fully responsible for the installation and correct operation of any and all scripts and applications. We will not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or applications on your Web site.  This is a policy that we must strictly adhere to.
  6. Extension or manipulation of MetaLocator via JavaScript. Since our customers can introduce custom scripts, sometimes those custom scripts are used to manipulate MetaLocator’s behavior. Our customer support team are not JavaScript programmers and as such, are not be able to support your configuration if custom JavaScript has been added which attempts to manipulate MetaLocator’s behavior or function.
  7. SSL configuration and Site Security. We do not support the installation, configuration or troubleshooting of SSL certificates on your Web site.

Items outside our Scope of Support are generally handled on a contract basis directly with MetaLocator or through our support partners.  Refer to your account manager for more information regarding a service contract.