Store Locator Software

Feature-rich and highly-configurable locator software. Complete with integrated mapping and automatic geolocation. Mobile-friendly with full support for all languages and address systems. Analytics and business intelligence tools for full optimization and user-path visibility.

  • Complete Location Content Management. Include photos, links and custom fields.
  • Highly Configurable with Ready-To-Use templates leveraging sensible defaults.
  • Simple bulk import and export features.
  • Build a perfectly branded locator with point and click tools or dive into the HTML, CSS or API for ultimate control
  • Over 300 features with extensive documentation and exceptional support.

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Direct Customers to Your Products with Omnichannel Where to Buy

MetaLocator will monitor your products sold via 3rd party retailers and provide real-time price, stock status and conversion data. Track sales directly through 3rd party retailers with SKU-level sales information. Measure marketing campaign success through 3rd party retailer Websites. Track price history and monitor MAP violations, low and no-stock periods with trend analysis.

  • Provide trackable “Where to Buy” links to retail partners
  • Monitor product stock status, price changes and real-time availability in-store and online
  • Provide an integrated store locator with local stock status, promotions and opportunities to buy.
  • Manage the entire program via our Web-based dashboard and hands-on support staff.
  • Track products in multiple currencies, countries and languages.

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Website Directory Software

Build a searchable database of anything imaginable and deploy to your Website. Create content-managed directories of businesses, physicians, agents and more. Turn any spreadsheet into a searchable database for your Website.

  • Upload your spreadsheet, choose a template and go-live on your website
  • Crowdsourcing tools to allow users to submit and manage content in your directory
  • Extensive features to promote, feature and prioritize certain listings
  • Add custom search controls including keyword, location, date range or custom fields

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Location Pages for Local SEO

Automatically build a website for each location in your network. Includes a directory of pages for each country, state or city for full keyword relevance. Comes complete with integrated local schema, or “rich snippets” which are critical for local search optimization. Pages are built on your domain, such as or Fully SSL secure and hosted on AWS high availability infrastructure for global performance.

  • An SEO-optimized page for each location, including multi-user content management
  • Local Schema and structured content for top-performing search engine placement
  • Integrated Citation Management platform for Internet-wide brand and NAP management
  • Powerful internal analytics including integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

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Voice, Text, Messenger Bots and Smart Speaker Searching

Deliver perfectly aligned search results via text message, Facebook Messenger and voice. Allow customers to text or say their zip code to receive information regarding the nearest opportunities to engage with your brand. Integrate with your existing call tree to find the nearest store to the caller. The voice-driven guide will provide nearby locations via voice or text message.

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