Rich Media Store Locator

This is an example of a store locator with a large results format, categories and lead generation.

Sample Store Locator

Slim Store Locator

This example has a more compact layout and includes map marker popup windows.

store locator software template

Gallery Locator

This example hides the map and shows a multi-column layout of results. Includes a detail page for longer formatted copy and images.

Compact Locator

This example includes marker clustering and a call-to-action toolbar. It also shows a magenta color scheme and a keyword search.

Table Layout

This example shows our table layout. It includes a simple tabular display with sort-able rows and columns.

searchable database software

Buy Online

This example shows our ability to showcase online options in a second tab. This can be useful for “buy online” locators with or without in-store options

Buy Online where to buy

Nearest Location

This example shows the Nearest Location widget. A small template that is designed for use in a website header, that shows the nearest location. It can also include a search form.

Nearest location widget

These demos contain a sample data set of US locations. For visitors outside of the US, try searching for 53211. MetaLocator supports all countries and languages.