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Install On Your Website

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Create any type of locator, quickly and easily.

Basic “locator” features are ready to go out of the box so you can create a store locator, product finder or dealer locator for your web site in minutes.

If needed, explore the entire feature set including a sales territories, custom data types, record relationships, your own map marker icons and much more.

Store Locator

Quickly find the nearest stores to your users. Present clear results automatically based on the user’s detected location. Search by zip code or automatically detect the user’s location.

Product Finder Software

Quickly find the nearest stores that stock your products. Manage individual store-level product inventory.

Branch Locator Software

Securely show your bank or credit union’s branch locations, including ATMs, services provided, hours, location photos and more.

Sales Territory Locator

Show nearby locations where your products can be sold, serviced or repaired. Display locations based on capability, features and staffing.

Physician Directory Software

Provide a hierarchical drill-down search of your network providers with photos, gender, specialties and location.

Dealer Locator Software

Promote your dealer network on your Website with a searchable map of your dealers. Include ranking factors, products and services for each dealer.

No shortage of killer features

Hierarchical Page Directory

Automatically build a SEO optimized directory of your location regions, including country, state, city and custom region pages.

SEO Landing Page for Each Location

MetaLocator automatically builds an SEO optimized location page for each location in the system. Includes local SEO schema markup and customizable content, branding and calls-to-action

Custom domain and URLs

Include or Full control over search-engine friendly URL formats and structure

Lead Generation

Location pages generate business by attracting new customers and capturing leads. Each location page can include a customizable contact form which generates leads for your business

Powerful Analytics

Track every action from your locator, to your location pages. Integrate with Google Analytics or leverage our internal analytics platform.

Total Branding Control

No limitations on your template, branding or layout. MetaLocator includes full access to the HTML, CSS and Javascript that creates the location pages.

…and literally hundreds more. read the full list.

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