Create a dealer locator for your Website

MetaLocator creates Web-based directories of your dealer network searchable by zip code, services and more. MetaLocator has been building dealer locators for over 10 years for companies such as Toshiba, HP, Amazon, Dow, DuPont and Canon. We specialize in supporting global dealer networks, including multi-language support. Our dealer-locator features include:

  • Allow customers to search for locations that perform certain services or support certain products
  • Promote and highlight your high-performing dealers. Include special badges, prioritization or ranking based on the dealer category
  • Allow dealers to login and manage their own profiles. Includes content review controls for approval and versioning.
  • Automatically display the nearest dealers with zero clicks required
  • Import dealer data in bulk
  • Integrate tightly with your Website

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No shortage of killer features

Results with zero clicks

Automatically detect the user’s location and display relevant results without requiring the user to search or click.

Featured Dealers and Prioritization

Feature your top-performing dealers based on categories like Gold and Silver or custom fields like annual sales.

Dealer Profile Management

Allow dealers to login and manage their profiles

…and literally hundreds more. read the full list.