Generate Content from your Users

Build a “crowdsourced” database on your website with MetaLocator. Allow users to claim locations, profiles or any record type in in your locator.

While users browse your locator results, they can be presented with a call to action to claim the result as their own, and request permission to submit content including photos, links and narrative.

Claim this location

Once the clicks the claim link, they can request permission to manage the location. In this example, we are showing a store location, however, this could be a person’s profile, dealer profile or any other record type.

Requesting to claim a location

Once the request is submitted, an alert will be delivered to the account administrator, where the administrator can then review and optionally approve access as shown below:

Pending Access Request

The requesting user will receive an email notification when the access has been approved. When they log in, they will see a significantly limited dashboard, which shows only the records they have approval to manage. Approval can be added and removed by the administrator as required.

Limited crowd-sourcing user dashboard

This summarizes the workflow of a crowdsourcing user. Other crowdsourcing features include:

  • Control all language, email content and formatting of the “claim” experience.
  • Optionally allow crowdsourcing users to manage content without approval
  • Automatically approve users with with access to the email addresses on file for your locations

Getting Started

Follow the steps outlined in the support article below to add Crowdsourcing features to your MetaLocator account