MetaLocator includes a series of APIs to support integration of your data, analytics and applications.

We offer 3 APIs. The APIs are included in all Enterprise accounts. Access to the Data Management API and REST API are included in the Platinum and higher accounts. API access can also be purchased as an add-on.

Data Management API

This API is designed to support bulk data operations like import, update, publish and so forth. It is designed to enable integration with external data systems and includes read and write operations to keep your systems in sync with MetaLocator.


This API is designed to support external applications including mobile apps and Web applications. It provides endpoints for the functionality in our locators, primarily providing search results for use in an external application.

Analytics API

This API is designed to provide analytics data to external systems. Items like page views, searches and any analytics tracked by MetaLocator can be queried using this API. The Analytics API is available to Enterprise users only.