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Manage 10 or 10 million locations

Build search engines, import data in bulk, create users and publish content from our comprehensive, fully automated platform.

Location Content Management System

Import and Export location, product and other content with ease

Import locations, products, categories and more from multiple sources including

  • Spreadsheets including CSV, Excel and OpenOffice
  • SalesForce
  • Custom sources via the MetaLocator Data Management API

Map field names to internal MetaLocator fields or build custom fields automatically.

View reports regarding missing address data, incomplete or inaccurate content.

Enhance Location Data Quality

View Data Quality Dashboard Reports such as:

  • Complete Name address phone (NAP) information
  • Complete Social media information
  • Locations with and without photos, links and email addresses

Determine gaps in data quality at a glance.

Isolate and fix problems in data Consistency, Completeness and Accuracy.

Manage Store Location Content, Categories and Attributes

Our complete location editor allows full control over store content including

  • Location name, address, phone, Web site, email
  • Social Media, Images and Videos
  • Custom fields, categories and attributes
  • Products, Inventory, Services, staff and features

Expand the data model directly from our dashboard to align with your existing content.  Create additional fields, tables and relations.

Complete Integrated Analytics

Our integrated analytics package provides detailed event information from your locator including:

  • Searches performed, results clicked, markers opened and details viewed
  • Conversion information including leads captured, directions sent and locations saved
  • Segmented analytics by date range including page views, visitors, geography, mobile/desktop and much more.
  • A heat map showing where searches are performed, relative to your location data
  • At-a-glance conversion focused dashboard showing material activity on your store locator

Use our integrated analytics or publish content automatically to Google Analytics, optionally via Google Tag Manager.

Powerful Search Engine Editor

The heart of MetaLocator is its powerful Interface Editor.  Access hundreds of feature options directly from the Web-based dashboard.

  • Choose from pre-configured Interface templates to customize
  • Create multiple interfaces in the same account, each displaying unique or aggregated data
  • Control every aspect of your store locator including search options, results content, ordering, CSS and much more.
  • Integrated videos, tooltips, descriptions and documentation provide ready support.

Dive into the options or tweak the ready-made solution templates.  Support is available at the click of the mouse.

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