Locator Software Features


Auto find user locationMetaLocator can detect the user’s location by IP address, while also requesting access to the user’s device location if available.  This strategy leverages the most accurate geolocation available without requiring the user to divulge their exact location.

Dynamic Location Hours

location smart hoursMetaLocator understands your location hours and can tell the user the location status, if it is closing soon, or opens tomorrow at 9.  Include multiple hours per location, like pharmacy hours, service center hours or holiday hours.

Platinum, Enterprise, Add On plans

API Control & Automation

MetaLocator offers 3 APIs to support integration with 3rd party systems for data integration, analytics or to support mobile applications.  Our APIs can be used to keep your data in sync with MetaLocator, align your store locator perfectly with your mobile app and location pages and integrate locator analytics with your existing analytics data warehouse.  Our Data Management API provides for bulk data management tasks like importing, updating and exporting.  Our REST API is used to power mobile apps and external systems requiring search capabilities.  Finally our Analytics API allows for full export, search and analysis of the activity inside your locator.  Our APIs allow for programmable control of the software. Create, delete, update or publish locations with a simple XML request. Schedule automated FTP uploads of location records and our system will automatically import and publish according to your settings. Includes a complete API guide and testing tool.

Send to Phone

send location details to phoneProvide a feature on each location which allows your users to deliver the location contents to their phone, via SMS.  The “Send to Phone” link is a quick and powerful way to help your users easily transition from a desktop experience to driving to your location, or saving the location details for future reference.  The contents of the SMS text message can be customized as all MetaLocator templates can, and can include links, location details and any other template feature we support.  This is available through our SMS Text Addon, which provides a series of credits.

Territory and Service Area Support

Define your own custom sales territories or service areas using postal code lists, state lists, cities, counties, countries, postal code prefixes or custom polygons. Locations that “own” a given territory will then be automatically included in search results regardless of physical location. This feature is great for providing regional coverage of large or small geographic areas while allowing your users to search with whatever method they prefer. Create sales territory maps and service area maps to route your customers to the correct contact in your database.

Unlimited Interfaces & Layouts

complex store locator search Create a primary store locator search page for your site, then add a smaller, unobtrusive search box to your header for a quick postal code search integrated into your template. Arrange your map above, below, left or right of your search results.  Go further to build a separate locator just for your distributors.  With MetaLocator, you can create as many interfaces as you need and each can display different data, contain different search options and even install on a separate Web site.

Seamless Integration

seamless integration of store locator softwareMetaLocator integrates seamlessly and unobtrusively. Properly integrated, your customers will not perceive that any third party tool is involved with the presentation of your Website. You keep your branding, colors, fonts and URLs.  MetaLocator provides full access to the CSS which enables our developers (or yours) to completely integrate your brand pixel-perfectly.

Master-Detail Records with custom relationships

Create your own data types, and decide how each type will be presented. Connect persons with locations, or vendors with service areas, or supervisors with employees and employees to departments. The complexity of your data is limited only by your imagination. Establish relationships between types as 1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many. Assign each data type a default interface and presentation format. Show addresses for your locations, but not for your staff. Include a picture for your sales team members, links for your vendors and maps for your locations with a custom map. The options are unlimited.


Powerful & Configurable Search

Proximity Search provides for a traditional postal code search with configurable radius. Allows for intersection, street address and city proximity search. Automatically detect the user’s location, find nearest location regardless of distance. Search for user-configurable Categories such as ‘Vendors’, ‘Dealers’ or combinations. Create category-based directories for different types of locations in your database. Match any part of the location with a keyword-based search. Add custom HTML markup and meta-data to your locations for increased SEO. Display preferred locations by default.

Multiple Languages, Any Country

Create one global directory of international locations or create interfaces for each country you serve. MetaLocator will intelligently allow your users to search for all locations, in any country. MetaLocator allows for the creation of country-based search screens, so you can display your domestic Locations on one page and foreign locations on another page, or create one page for each country. Display your locations in the language native to the area. All customer-facing elements can be translated including map elements.

Facebook Store Locator

facebook store locatorFor page owners with over 2000 likes, create a complete Facebook store locator, without any additional costs. Your highly configurable store locator will snap directly into your corporate or personal Facebook page. Show your locator page only to users who ‘like’ your page, or provide it to all users.

Add On plan

Coupons & Offers

location coupons and offersCreate promotional offers and connect them with your locations. Control offers on a per-location basis. Create banner advertisements that link to external promotions and location-specific promotions directly from the Dashboard.  Assign coupons to participating locations and control distribution through issue limits, redemption limits and punchcard-style offers.  Handle redemption on the back end to control access and redemption.  

Hierarchical Drill-down Search

Create “chained” drop-down lists that allow your users to drill down through a series of hierarchical choices, creating a feature-rich interactive search filter. Establish your custom hierarchy based on your imported data to allow users to find the type of data they want, quickly.

Custom Fields and Categories

Create multiple locators that display different data on your Website by categorizing your data. Create one search interface for your vendors, another for dealers and one for customers. Use the category system to create different icons for each category of location. Choose from our gallery of thousands of icons or create your own. Create private maps, internal sales staff directories and customer facing store finders within the same MetaLocator account.


Publish a form on your site that allows end users to submit location details directly through your site. Optionally automatically publish those locations directly on selected interfaces. Show or hide certain fields to your end users through the form. Receive email notifications as users submit locations through your form.

Administration Features


At MetaLocator.com we take security very seriously.  We have passed the rigorous CyberGRX Tier 1 Audit which independently evaluates over 700 operational security controls within our organization.  All locators are provided over SSL and include encryption in transit.  Enterprise accounts include MFA, SSO and encryption at rest.

Synchronize with SalesForce

Connect MetaLocator to your SalesForce instance for regular data synchronization.

Integrate with any Website

MetaLocator integrates with any content management system.  We provide integration guides for the top content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, but we can easily work with your Website platform.  The installation process is as simple as copying and pasting a single line of code to your Website.

Powerful Administration

location content management systemThe MetaLocator admin interface is simple, easy to use and incredibly powerful.  It is a full-featured, multi-user content management system for your location content. Access your locator data from anywhere, anytime and nearly any device. The simple tabbed interface shows your progress through creating your first complete store locator for your Web site. Access all aspects of your MetaLocator account including payment history, download invoices and upgrade or cancel your account with no hassle.

Bulk Import and Export Your Data

import data to a store locatorEasily add, update and manage your data using our simple CSV import tool. Our intelligent importer will identify and update data to synchronize your list as your data changes. Export and download your location data as needed into a spreadsheet in one click. Even filter your data based on the name of the spreadsheet that was used to import.  You can also add and edit locations one by one using our intuitive data management tool. Tweak your descriptions, or even manually adjust the detected location by dragging the marker directly on the map.

Platinum, Enterprise plans

Hundreds of Options

Create a complete, responsive store locator in seconds using our sensible defaults. Or dig deeper to create practically any type of searchable directory, including product finders, job boards, member directories, model galleries, real estate Web sites and much more. MetaLocator is a powerful tool with hundreds of options allowing you the flexibility to create a customized solution for your Web site without overwhelming you with technical requirements. With the simple administrative interface, you can control every aspect of your software using a point and click interface.  Control of fonts, colors, sizes and placement is at your fingertips. Options allow for pixel-perfect detailed control of field placement, formatting and even custom HTML/CSS and Javascript.  Use our software with or without knowledge of Web programming.  MetaLocator allows you to use every advanced feature, but requires none. 

Analytics Features

Enterprise plan

Enterprise BI Platform

Store locator business intelligence toolsFor customers requiring extensive business intelligence tools including ad-hoc query writing, drag-and-drop dashboarding and custom report development, MetaLocator provides an advanced BI solution.  We can publish your analytics into a data warehouse for team-based reporting including extensive analysis tools, custom charting and key-performance indicators.

Powerful Integrated Analytics

Includes an extensive analytics dashboard purpose built to track activity within our software.  Our analytics include common metrics like visits, page views and impressions while also including locator-specific items such as:

  • Zip codes searched
  • Visitors by country
  • Searches by product
  • Searches by brand
  • Revenue by retailer for “Where to Buy” applications
  • Custom dimensions to extend tracking
  • and much, much more

MetaLocator tracks everything that occurs within the locator allowing for extensive reporting and dashboarding capability.

Google Analytics Integration

MetaLocator can pass critical event data to your Google Analytics account.  See popular locations, postal codes searched, keywords used, brands selected and more directly in your existing Google Analytics account.  MetaLocator also supports Google Tag Manager integration to allow for custom event tracking and tag execution within the locator.

Lead Generation Features

Publish Leads to Hubspot

MetaLocator includes lead integration with the popular HubSpot CRM.  Each lead will be published into HubSpot allowing your HubSpot routing rules to take over and allow your sales team the full feature suite of HubSpot while generating leads from your locator or location landing pages.

Publish Leads to Salesforce

store locator lead generation salesforceMetaLocator can automatically send incoming leads to your SalesForce CRM. Our software transfers lead content directly into your SalesForce instance while also continuing to track lead analytics and content in MetaLocator.

Local SEO Features

Enterprise, Add On plans

Hierarchical Location Directory

Building a set of location landing pages is not beneficial if search engines can’t crawl each level of your geography to reach the location landing pages.  MetaLocator automatically builds an inter-linked hierarchy of pages for each geographic level of your data and publishes them to your Web site.  Build country pages, state pages and city pages that all link to your location landing pages.  Control the settings at each level to fine tune the experience for your locations.

Directory pages are an essential component of local SEO campaigns, allowing your locations to be found for local and regional key phrases.

Add On plan

SEO Optimized Store Locator

Not all locator solutions can be indexed by Google and other search engines. MetaLocator boosts your local search results by integrating with your Web site so that your location content is indexed by search engines as part of your Web site. Other hosted locator solutions put your content on their Web servers, draining your site of its primary SEO asset: content. No other hosted solution offers this level of integration. There are never any special server requirements or software to install. Works with any Web site. Use MetaLocator to create searchable, index-able directories of your locations grouped at various levels such as Country, State and City. Search engines love these crawl-able directories which drive traffic to your location landing pages.

Enterprise, Add On plans

Feature Rich Location Landing Pages

MetaLocator creates landing pages for each location that includes highly flexible templates, and can display many location-specific data points including: name, address, phone, HTML description, videos, image gallery, detailed location map, directions, hours of operation, social links, any custom fields or data you require.