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Creating a searchable directory for any website

Import your data, configure your search and deploy with a copy and paste.

Creating a searchable directory of information on your website is easy with

No programming required, just import your data and copy and paste one line of code to your Web site.

  • Local Businesses
  • Membership Directories
  • Associations
  • Employee Directory
  • Legal Services Directory
  • Service areas
  • Territories
  • Distributors

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Dedicated SEO Pages for each database record

Having a hosted database shouldn’t mean your SEO value will drop.  MetaLocator generates static versions of each record ready for indexing by search engines.

  • Automatic publishing of SEO-optimized pages for each record
  • Automatically generate directory pages at custom levels of grouping
  • Showcase record-specific photos, links or documents
  • Generate leads from each record landing page
  • Complete integrated analytics


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How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Import Your Data

From Spreadsheets, CSV, SalesForce, our API and more!

Import Your Data

Use our API for custom integrations

Configure Your Search

Choose from 200 options, create unlimited search engines.

Configure Your Search

Build multiple, categorized, individually-deploy-able search engines

Deploy to Your Website

Copy and paste 1 line of code to your site and you're live.

Deploy to Your Website

Our software appears as a seamless, integrated aspect of your website.


Hundreds of Features

Everything you need, directly from our dashboard.  The simple, wizard-driven interface guides you through essential processes like uploading data and creating our search solution.  Dig deeper using our tutorials and documentation.  Don’t worry, if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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