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Michael is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of He has operated an independent IT consulting firm for over 20 years, working with over 500 companies in all areas of technology application. In that time he has created multiple technology startups, including His proprietary Web site software products have been purchased by over 1600 companies in 82 countries around the world. Michael was awarded an engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2001. Michael has volunteered extensively, serving as a board director for an after‐school technology program for underprivileged youth and a nonprofit focused on computer hardware recycling. His ability ranges over a wide array of technologies with a focus on Web‐based data‐intensive applications. Michael is a highly experienced software engineer, fluent in hundreds of programming languages, APIs and platforms.

Where to Buy Button Integration

Building a product finder with MetaLocator often involves the use of our “Where to Buy” buttons.  When clicked, these buttons display a MetaLocator interface in a modal dialog window, which commonly displays product pricing and availability information for online and offline channels.  This setup guide serves as a quick introduction to creating a button, adding it […]

Building a product finder with MetaLocator

Product finders are a type of locator that includes the tracking of a list of products for each location.  Users can search by a combination of location and product to produce results that show only locations near their search term that stock the requested product.  MetaLocator is especially well-suited to support this type of locator.

There […]

How are page views defined?

MetaLocator charges for services in proportion to our customer’s utilization of our services.  This is often expressed as the total number of “page views” incurred.  This most accurately reflects our costs and is an important measure when sizing the infrastructure dedicated to your account.  The meaning of a “page views” can vary in certain contexts. […]

Adding content to the “No results” message

When no results are found for a user’s search, you may want to provide alternative messaging that prompt users to call your location, buy online or similar content other than “No results found”.  This can be done by modifying the language constant LOCATOR_NO_RESULTS.

The content in LOCATOR_NO_RESULTS is displayed when there are no results, and that field […]

Updates included in release 3111

Fixed rendering issue with .tabs-ui
Added text-based hours rendering
Updated location-duplicate manager
Added ability to drag a marker into place for a location in place of failed geocoding
Added capability to delete unmatched category associations during import.
Reverted feature that updates group name on update of an existing category name.
Added error to handling missing external key
Added option to use User […]

Google Maps API “Oops something went wrong”

Google recently switched to a pooled quota their Google Maps API used without an API key.

As a result, you might see this error:

This error indicates that you are using Google Maps without an API key.  There are two solutions to this problem:

Switch to Leaflet Maps:  This option causes your interface to use a different mapping library. […]

Updates included in release 3283

Added WordPress Sleep option to slow down wordpress API calls. See new “Wait 1 second between API calls” option.
Added WordPress User Agent setting to thwart robot-blocking on WordPress installations. See new “Spoof User Agent?” option
Added option to change filter combine logic (AND or OR)
Added absolute URL to file uploader to admin_cdn_base to prevent bad URLs […]

Updates included in release 3265

Fixed issue with encoding HTML in the bulk language editor
Added sorting to region section
Added Import with Delete option
Fixed issue with textarea enter key
Added option to disable spinner on Interface loader
Fixed issue with Google tracking events with non-numeric values
Added HERE geocoding API for testing internally.
Added option to remove/reset all geocoding.  This is useful for folks that […]

Updates included in release 3252

+Fixed bug with tracking Conversions with a non-numeric value in Google Analytics
+Added Pagination to the Revisions screen for performance reasons
+Updated related record handling
+Fixed issue with offers with no image showing broken image
+Added timeout for LeafLet marker popup to ensure proper positioning when heavy marker window content.
+Added location-level tracking for custom segments in Lazy Loader
+Fixed issue […]

Showing certain fields in the mobile view only

Sometimes, it’s preferable to expose certain fields only in the mobile view.  MetaLocator can show and hide certain fields by using conditional CSS.

For example, our mobile views typically collapse to the directory when in a small context as shown below:


Since your mobile customers will be viewing this directory, it may be preferable to display a […]