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Health Care Provider Directory Software

Drive more patients to your providers through SEO-optimized, searchable directories.  Drill down search through specialties, gender, scope of practice, geography and more.

Build a physician finder and deploy to any Website

Search by location and physician attributes.  Manage providers at multiple locations.  Attach location and provider photos.  Robust reporting,  Highly configurable.

  • Build content-rich location and provider profile pages
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
  • Highly customize-able search options
  • Over 300 features
  • Fully indexable by search engines
  • Report on location, physician and directory-level usage statistics.


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Build Physician Finders & Clinic Finders

MetaLocator smartly handles the relationships between physicians and the locations where they practice.   Our health care solutions include:

  • Create physician profile pages with exacting detail regarding scope of practice, connected locations and attributes
  • Build location pages with dynamic lists of related physicians
  • Build an intuitive search interface allowing users to search by any physician or location-based attribute
  • Generate leads from doctor profile pages and deliver them via email, SalesForce or API integrated routing
  • Optionally allow physicians to manage their profile
  • Integrate location and physician content from SalesForce or import data in bulk
  • Manage custom fields, attributes, categories, templates and more directly from our comprehensive online dashboard.

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Mobile Friendly

Drive foot traffic and boost mobile search with our a mobile-friendly locator.

  • Leverage your users GPS location
  • Works with Apple iOS, Droid, Blackberry, Samsung and more
  • Customize the app icon, buttons and styles
  • Just as powerful as the full search in a compact format


Win at local search. Dedicated Location Landing Pages for each location.

Build your brand footprint in every market where it can be found. MetaLocator becomes the system of record for your location marketing. Automatically Publish your location data through our partner publishing network.

  • Build consistent SEO citations around the Web
  • Automatic publishing of SEO-optimized pages for each location
  • Automatically generate country, state and city-level directory pages
  • Showcase location-specific coupons, offers and promotions
  • Generate leads from each landing page
  • Complete integrated analytics


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How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Import Your Data

From Spreadsheets, CSV, SalesForce, our API and more!

Import Your Data

Use our API for custom integrations

Configure Your Search

Choose from 200 options, create unlimited search engines.

Configure Your Search

Build multiple, categorized, individually-deploy-able search engines

Deploy to Your Website

Copy and paste 1 line of code to your site and you're live.

Deploy to Your Website

Our software appears as a seamless, integrated aspect of your website.


Hundreds of Features

Everything you need, directly from our dashboard.  The simple, wizard-driven interface guides you through essential processes like uploading data and creating our search solution.  Dig deeper using our tutorials and documentation.  Don’t worry, if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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