MetaLocator is one of the few cloud-based store locator software platforms to provide a completely SEO-friendly product, allowing your content to be displayed in local search results, Google Maps search results and other local directories.

Many store locators prevent Google and other search engines from finding and indexing the content added to their system since they rely exclusively on JavaScript and IFRAMEs to deploy content to your Web site.  Our platform exposes your location content directly on your Website for the maximum benefit possible.

Don’t hide your valuable location content behind an IFRAME.  MetaLocator’s strategy includes the following critical elements:

  • A uniquely architected locator that can be understood by search engines
  • An interlinked hierarchical directory of country, state and city level pages
  • Content-rich, dedicated landing pages for each location
  • Individual pages for each location, complete with structured location data, local SEO signals and customizable URLs.

Local SEO Schema

Each Location Landing Page includes structured content, also known as rich snippets, which allow search engines to understand that the content represents a physical location.  Google and other search engines use this information to pull location content into map, image and local search results.  Location schema is essential to a local SEO campaign and is included with MetaLocator’s location landing pages.

Includes XML site map

Each set of location pages includes a complete XML sitemap for direct publishing into Google Webmaster tools and similar publishing sources.  The XML sitemap includes links to each location landing page and all region levels, such as country, state and city level pages.

Direct HTML and CSS Control

MetaLocator provides your team direct access to the HTML and CSS for each page.  Control the template, branding, content and details necessary for an integrated look and feel.  Your customer receives a seamless integration with a consistent branding experience.  No scrollbars, awkward popups or co-branding logos to distract from your conversion goals.

Integrated Analytics

Receive complete reports on location exposure through our internal analytics package, or integrate with your existing Google Analytics, Tag Manager or 3rd party analytics package.