Enterprise Store Locator Software Features


Segment Brands, Product Lines, Analytics & Data


GDPR Compliance & Complete Audit Trail


Elastic scaling for extensible performance


Works in any locale, including RTL support


Role-based Granular Access Control. Multi-user by custom segment and geography


Support for LDAP and Custom SSO

Audit & Logging

Centralized logging for audit and accountability.

Change Management

Data and settings version control

MFA Security

Strong password requirements and 2FA supported

Reporting & Analytics

Extensive analytics including ad-hoc reporting and BI tools

API Integrations

3 APIs for data, application and analytics integrations

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Computing Resources
  • Over 50K page views per month
  • Audit Trail & Detailed Logging
  • ADA & WCAG Compliance Assistance
  • Encryption at rest for all data
  • BETA Testing Environment
  • Custom Service-Level Agreements
  • Support for Two-factor Authentication
  • Custom SEO Landing Pages Domain, including SSL
  • CDN-Backed Landing Pages
  • Access to the Data Management API
  • Access to the Platform-as-a-Service API
  • Access to the Analytics API
  • Background Processes for data import, processing
  • Data Version Control
  • Content Staging, Versioning, Rollback
  • Custom Contract Language
  • Participation in Security Assessments
  • Access to GDPR Compliance Tools
  • Access to Business Intelligence Tools for Analytics
  • Ability to Import users in Bulk

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