Free Branch Locator for Banks and Credit Unions with 10 or fewer locations

MetaLocator is offering it’s full locator software package at no cost for banks and credit unions with 10 or fewer locations.  The program requirements are as follows:

  • Location addresses are automatically imported directly from NCUA and/or FDIC call reports to MetaLocator.
  • Locations displayed in this tool are limited to those reported to NCUA/FDIC under this free program.
  • You can not add locations not reported to NCUA/FDIC under this free program.
  • You can hide locations that you do not want included in your locator.
  • You can enhance your locations by adding photos, links, hours, services contact information and more.
  • You can create multiple search interfaces if required.
  • You can transition from a free account to a paid account which removes all of these limitations.

Questions about this program?

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