Once you’ve got a customer at your website and interested in your products, you need to close the sale. Ideally, you also want to be able to track that sale. MetaLocator’s Omnichannel eCommerce software can help you with both of those situations. In this post, we’ll take a look at what this unique software does and how it will help your business craft a more efficient eCommerce strategy.

The Problem

If you sell your products directly from your website, and only directly from your website, then getting the customer into the purchase funnel and tracking the sale is easy. If you are a manufacturer that sells products across a range of physical and/or online stores, then getting the customer to the checkout is a little more difficult. Tracking them after they’ve left your site is an even bigger challenge.

A vital part of closing that sale is allowing your future customers to purchase from the outlets that they feel most comfortable purchasing from. Assuming your product is available at those outlets, you need to point the customer in that direction so that they’ll know how they can get your product from their retailer of choice.

Marketing strategies and, increasingly, the strategies of other areas of your business, depend on reliable analytics to accurately determine the next best move. When a customer leaves your site and purchases your product from a third-party site, it can be hard to track that sale. This leaves a crucial gap in your analytics that prevents you from seeing as full of a picture as possible.

eCommerce: Where to Buy

This is a common feature on websites and one that is a core part of our Omnichannel eCommerce offering. By giving visitors to your website a ‘Where to Buy’ button that they can click on to get a list of all of the places that they can purchase your product, you are maximizing your chance of converting that website visitor into a customer.

Our ‘Where to Buy’ buttons are sortable by online and physical retail outlets so that your website visitors can find their favorite outlet quickly. Allowing potential customers to rapidly find out if your products are available in their preferred physical outlet will maximize the chance that they’ll remember your product the next time they are in that store. If their favorite outlet is an online retailer, then they can click right through and order right away.

A set of ‘Where to Buy’ links is a feature that consumers have grown to expect, so it isn’t something that you want to leave out of your website. MetaLocator’s Where to Buy button is easy to set up and offers a lot more features that a simple static set of links for customers to click on.

Tracking Those Purchases

As we mentioned earlier, it is extremely beneficial to your number crunchers if they have information that tells them whether or not a customer has made a purchase after clicking away to one of your third-party sellers. This does not just tell them which retailers are the most popular with your customers, although that is good information to have. Knowing whether a website visit results in a sale is vital to being able to tune your landing pages and website copy to be as efficient as possible at converting customers. There are now a ton of tools available that can analyze the data you feed them to provide you unparalleled insights into your marketing strategy and how to fine-tune it. Without as much data as possible from third-party sales, however, you are not giving those tools all the information they need to do their job effectively.

MetaLocator’s unique product finder software allows you to track sales that you could never track before. You’ll now be able to see, right on your analytics dashboard, how much revenue each of your third-party retailers is bringing in for you. Your marketing automation software, and the humans that are in charge of operating it will now have enough data to streamline your marketing efforts and extract more value out of your marketing budget.

Even More Analytics

Having those conversion numbers is already a game-changer for your marketing. But our omnichannel eCommerce solution brings you much more data. Data that can be fed into your software for deeper insights, or reviewed by humans to spot trends. We’ll be able to provide you with access to near real-time inventory status. Does a retailer’s stock of your product have any effect on how much money you are able to get from that retailer? With our software, you’ll know.

You’ll also have access to near real-time price changes. When one retailer changes prices, they are all likely to eventually follow. You’ll be able to see which retailers are leading the price changes for your products. Over time, this data will also give you valuable insight on how the pricing of your product affects sales.

Your product starts and ends its life with a given retailer at the product launch and the clearance stages. Our software will allow you to track how your product performs at both of those stages, which will allow you to better formulate a strategy around those events.

About MetaLocator

Our product finder software is designed to meet the needs of even the largest enterprise eCommerce customer. It is a unique piece of software that will take your analytics beyond where they are currently and power your data analysis in ways that you haven’t been able to before. Our design and development teams have experience working with large organizations and can create custom solutions that will match the needs of your specific business. Should you have any problem setting up the software, our support team is also on hand to help.

We aren’t limited to just a product finder. Our offerings also include a store locator, local landing pages, website directory software, and a variety of other locator, data, and marketing related products to help modernize your data collection. Our goal is to always have our location management and customer interface solutions outpace the competition. We are constantly innovating and striving to meet the increasingly complex needs of clients from the smallest of businesses to the largest enterprises.

We encourage you to contact us today to see how we can help your business grow, regardless of its current size.