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Location Landing Pages

Your Location Data “System of Record”

Maximize Search Engine Visibility

Providing a search feature on your Website for your locations is one important aspect of getting your locations in front of your customers.  However, it’s only part of an overall strategy to inform your potential customers about where they can find your products.If a customer is already on your website, you have already won half of the battle.  But what about potential customers that have never heard of your brand and don’t know that your products and services could be right around the corner?  These users are searching Google, Bing and Yahoo and are receiving local results biased toward their physical location.  Is your brand represented accurately in those results?

MetaLocator can provide SEO-optimized landing pages for each of your locations to boost your local search footprint and increase customer traffic to your locations.

MetaLocator Location Landing Pages work with any web site, regardless of technology.   You are in complete control of the template, formatting and code of each location landing page.  MetaLocator generates a complete package for your landing pages and can automatically publish them directly to your Web site.  Alternatively, you can download the package directly from the administrative console and publish as needed.

Landing Page Features

  • Name, Address and phone contact information (NAP)
  • Location-specific Email address, Website link
  • Lead generation form
  • Rich snippets/Structured Data
  • Location Hours
  • Full HTML Description for narratives, links and videos
  • Star reviews with comments
  • Photo gallery
  • Custom Fields
  • Social Media Integration

Create Crawlable Hierarchical Directories

Building a set of location landing pages isn’t much good if search engines can’t crawl each level of your geography to find the location landing pages.  MetaLocator automatically builds inter-linked hierarchies for each geographic level of your data and publishes them to your Web site.  Build country pages, state pages and city pages that all link to your location landing pages.  Control the settings at each level to fine tune the experience for your locations.

Directory pages are an essential component of local SEO campaigns, allowing your locations to be found for local and regional key phrases.

MetaLocator SEO features are included in our Professional subscriptions and higher.  View our pricing page.

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How it Works

Build Your Store Locator

Follow the Wizard-driven guide to build your complete search solution

Create your Locator

Import your data, configure your options and deploy.

Configure Your Landing Page Options

Choose automatic deployment options, structured data settings and template setting

Fine-grained Control

Dive into the HTML and detailed settings of the Landing Page options or use the sensible defaults.


Use our hosted solution, or explore FTP, WordPress or manual copy options. Includes a downloadable archive of Landing Pages for each location.

Publish your Pages

Includes a complete XML sitemap. Manually upload your files or use our automatic FTP publishing option.
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