Some people believe that dealer locator software isn’t an ideal source of qualified leads.

These are often the same individuals who bring “Tofurkey” to Thanksgiving.

Don’t mind these people. They are not good influences.

The truth is that dealer locator software might be the missing piece in your lead generation puzzle. After all, converting leads to paying customers is a top priority to over 74% of enterprise owners — you included. 

This article tells you exactly how to use dealer locator software like MetaLocator to drive more qualified leads.

Business owners using laptop device and company data to review lead generation status.

First Things First: Why Use Dealer Locator Software?

  • Indirect Sales Potential Not Being Realized

Let’s face it. Dealers will only support a product they can sell and make more revenue. They want to get the info they need from the enterprise owner quickly to follow up on leads and close a sale.

However, enterprise owners are not meeting their needs. 71% of enterprise B2B marketers and sales executives say their dealers want 24/7 service as well as faster response time — but about half confess they are finding it hard to deliver the kind of experiences partners/dealers wish to have. This weakens the existing relationship and leads to lost sales for both the business owner as well as the dealer.

  • Indirect Sales are Skyrocketing

Indirect sales channels are vital contributors to revenue. Over 75% of world trade flows through indirect sales, and dealers are vital to this setup.

By using indirect sales channels, small businesses can supercharge revenue via dealers faster and more efficiently than direct sales. Not only can they tap into new customer bases but also increase speed to capture as well as engage leads. By leveraging established logistics (sales and marketing channels), enterprise owners will be able to augment operations and better focus on their businesses.

4 Ways to Use Dealer Locator Software to Capture More Qualified Leads

To help grow lead generation, increase conversions, as well as improve partner loyalty, many enterprise owners are investing in dealer locator software like MetaLocator.

Here are four tips on how to use your dealer locator for lead generation:

1. Incorporate a User-Friendly Lead Capture Form on Your Dealer Locator

Our first suggestion seems like a no-brainer. However, many enterprises don’t realize that they’re missing a great chance to generate leads right from their dealer locator. Some of the best practices for a cutting-edge lead form include:

  • Keeping the form short and simple
  • Adding location fields that represent location content, like state, city, title, as well as state
  • Limiting the number of custom fields
  • Optimizing the CTA button to reflect the action you want to take

2. Quickly Send the Lead to Your Highest-Performing Dealer

Once the lead completes the lead form on the dealer locator, it should be instantly sent to a dealer. A custom email should automatically be sent to the dealer for swift action, and a confirmation email should be sent to the prospect. Ideally, leads might be prioritized as well as routed based on radius, territory, responsiveness, or other designated criteria.

  • Ensure You Can Track Response to a Lead and Follow Up on it Fast

You should be able to monitor a lead through every part of the conversion journey as well as address possible opportunities and loopholes right away.

In the meantime, the dealer should be able to update a lead’s status right from the lead acknowledgment dashboard or the contact email itself. 

Meanwhile, if a lead is not responded to fast enough by a dealer, the admin (who in this case can be the business owner, sales executive, etc.) should send action-required reminders to them. In some dealer locators, these reminders are delivered as follow-up notification links. Once clicked, the link reveals the lead details, allowing an opportunity to confirm receipt of the email.

Man using several computers to access dealer locator software for his company,

3. Quickly Remove Emails from Unresponsive Dealers

As we said, it’s possible to send emails for lead acknowledgment. However, in cases where dealers are not responding to those follow-up emails, you should be able to automatically remove their email from your contact network. You should even be able to re-assign leads away from unengaged dealers. Ideally, this should make the lead gen process quicker as well as more efficient.

4. Utilize Analytics for Continual Lead Capture and Engagement

Generally speaking, you should use a full-featured reporting dashboard that lets you manage and monitor leads by geography, response time, response status, product/category, source, and more. Armed with avant-garde analytics, you can see which dealers follow up more quickly, and more leads can be directed their way. More importantly, you’ll be able to capture lead conversions, which in turn allows you to calculate the ROI of the lead management system more efficiently.

Looking for the Ideal Dealer Locator Software? Metalocator Ticks All the Right Boxes

According to a recent Aberdeen Group Study, partner channel software users were found to raise overall company growth at a 48% greater rate compared to non-users. With that in mind, you need software that not only drives dealer engagement but also supplements your lead engagement efforts. We believe MetaLocator goes all the way. Here are some of the features that set our software apart:

  • Lead Generation

The Metalocator web extension allows you to promote as well as identify high-performing dealers in one click. Tracking dealer response time is no walk in the park, but with our highly optimized tools, the whole process becomes a breeze. Capture leads for each location in record time thanks to our easy-to-use Interface Builder.

  • Lead Routing and Optimization

Boost your sales with MetaLocator’s lead routing feature. Recent reports suggest that 79% of leads don’t turn into buying customers, and the main culprit is the absence of nurture. Not anymore. Make the most of our lead routing and optimization templates to direct leads to the dealer of your choice. The best part? These templates have easy drag and drop options and are incredibly easy to use, which goes a long way in reducing “dead calls” as well as increasing efficiency!

  • Analytics

Get a big-picture view of your track searches, clicks, as well as other interactions on a per-interface and per-location basis. Then look deeper to see every link opened, phone number clicked, and search performed. Analytics are an important part of tracking dealer performance, and MetaLocator makes it easier than ever!

  • SEO

SEO-optimized pages generate revenue by capturing leads. Each of MetaLocator’s location landing pages includes a customizable contact form that generates new, fresh leads for your company—it’s quite rightly the icing on lead gen cake!

Ready to refine and optimize your lead generation efforts? Contact the MetaLocator team using this form today!