Template Synchronization

MetaLocator can extract the template of your Website from the page on which our Interface installation code is installed.  Subscribers… read more

SEO domain options

When MetaLocator generates the SEO-optimized landing pages, we create a sitemap, a hierarchical directory and a series of landing pages… read more

SEO Redirects

Redirects are necessary when a location page is moved or changed.  These redirects are managed by a special location field… read more

SEO Page Templates

This guide discusses creating location pages in the Interface Builder. This is the preferred method of creating Location Pages using… read more

SEO Site Maps

To generate a sitemap.xml file login to MetaLocator as an Administrator and click Interfaces, then the name of the Interface.… read more

Enabling developer settings

Some settings are not available to end users in the Interface Builder. To access and enable these settings, the Bulk… read more