Feature Checklist

Feature Checklist 2017-07-14T22:21:40+00:00

Use this checklist to help evaluate our software against the competition

MetaLocator has hundreds of features. Not all features are listed here.

Remotely Hosted Solution
Complete Mobile Interface Included
Auto-find by IP Address and Mobile Device Location
Complete Web-based Administration & Management
Location-with-Product Finder
Parent-child data relationships
Customize all customer-facing text
Bulk Import via spreadsheet
Inter-Connected Search Interfaces
SEO Optimized Location Landing Pages
Hierarchical drill-down search
Territories by Country, State, City, County, Postal Code or Prefix
Codeless Control of Color, Font, Width, Height and Content styling
Detailed control over standard and custom field placement and format
Full HTML and CSS template editing
Search for Events with Date Range
International 400+ Country Geocoding
Automatic Bulk Geocoding
Enhanced search-engine-friendly markup
Intelligent searches by address, intersection, suburb, city, county, state, region or country.
Multiple directories (interfaces)
Allow users to submit locations
Customizable Lead/Contact form on each location page
Facebook Integrated Locator
Rich snippets
Hourly automatic backups
Cloud-based system redundancy.
MySQL Grid cluster database servers
Database isolation (your own database on our servers)
Locations in multiple categories
Create multiple interfaces filtered by category
Help videos, tutorials & documentation
Custom fields
Custom data types
Data relationships
Data import by simple form or by bulk spreadsheet import
Bulk and one-off geocoding
Click and place map markers to refine exact location
Create Numbered Markers automatically
Featured Locations and control over search result priority
Audio & Videos on locations
Full HTML on locations
Choose from 10 color themes and customize as needed
Provide external CSS reference
Multiple Language support
Google Maps
Bing Maps (beta)
Default Location to display when no geographic results are found
Limit total number of search results provided
Order results randomly
Detailed control over initial layout, and search layout

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! MetaLocator has literally hundreds of options, to combine for thousands of combinations. All of the above features are off-the-shelf, and require no programming or customization. Looking for something specific that’s not listed here? Contact us today!