WordPress is arguably the most powerful, yet one of the simplest, website content and blogging management system available. This is probably why it’s used by literally tens of millions of business and personal websites – including famous bloggers, news outlets, Fortune 500 companies, music sites and celebrities.

MetaLocator’s advanced WordPress store locator software integrates seamlessly with WordPress to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use store locator solution for your company. There are no complicated codes to input – it’s just a simple copy and paste operation.

Possibly one of the best store locator plugins available for WordPress, our software can be integrated seamlessly into your WordPress template, providing a compact search interface. Using MapBox Maps, It automatically shows your site visitors the nearest location to their present detected position.

Finding your business locations with our Store Locator WordPress software is as easy for your customers as finding this button was for you!

If you’ve just clicked that Free Trial button, congratulations! You’ve just opened up a world of benefits that give your business that all-important competitive edge. Here’s what you can expect from our WordPress Store Locator software:

  • Increased sales – because customers are guided directly to your products, they can quickly access all the information they need to finalize their decision to purchase.
  • Save time and money – employees no longer have to spend time directing enquiries over the phone. Our WordPress store locator software lets customers find you and your products or services without having to phone and ask.
  • 24/7 operation – our software means your customer can always find answers to their location and stock-related searches, even when your stores are closed.
  • Unlimited pages – we can automatically build hundreds of WordPress posts or pages – one for each location in your database.

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