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Promote where your product is sold.

Product Finder Software

Product manufacturers may not necessarily own or control the locations where customers can purchase their products.  This creates a challenge when providing a search system for your customers that shows where to buy a product.  MetaLocator’s product finder can automatically include hundreds of national retailer locations where a given product SKU is sold.  Additionally, custom locations data can be imported.  We gather location data from national retailers such as CostCo, WalMart, Target, King Soopers and more.  Hundreds of national chains can be included in a product finder for hundreds of thousands of locations.

MetaLocator can also stream data directly from national UPC scanner data aggregators to keep your product distribution up to date based on where it is sold.  Contact us for a quote on custom data feeds to support your product locator needs.

MetaLocator contains a sophisticated relational database that allows the independent management of product lists, store lists and product-store inventory data.  Import each data set individually and manage data in our platform on an ongoing basis.

Hundreds of National Chains

MetaLocator maintains a vast library of retail store locations where your products are sold.

Import Your Custom Locations

MetaLocator maintains a vast library of retail store locations where your products are sold.

Retail Scanner Data

We supply scanner-level UPC data to prove where you product is purchased

Stream Aggregator Data

Contact us to inquire about coverage and data feed availability.

Unlimited SKUs & Categories

Capability to handle the largest brands, or even a single SKU with a few locations.

Product Finders for the Enterprise

Speak with our sales team for a custom quote on product location technology.

Local SEO

Boost your local SEO for product keywords in every market

Build your brand footprint in local markets

MetaLocator builds landing pages for each market where your product can be found. This greatly improves visibility of your product to local searchers.

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