Publishing promotions and events to your store locator and location landing pages should be a regular occurrence.  Events, coupons and promotions embedded in your local marketing message can represent the tipping point that causes a searcher to choose your brand over another.  Local search takes many different forms, and is often related to something happening right now.  Your ability to publish to your locator and local landing pages quickly and easily is essential to capturing this audience.

For example, I recently visited some in-laws in Alabama.  You might know that Alabama is very focused on college football, especially the rivalry between Auburn University the and University of Alabama.  As a Green Bay Packer fan, I found myself a stranger in a strange land.  So I did what anyone would do, search for “packer bars near Florence, Alabama”.  I found a national chain that had created a location landing page touting their reliable display of each and every Packer game.  I had a great time, met some old Wisconsinites, and garnered a new respect for that national chain.

A series of events or promotions on your store locator and location landing pages will grab the attention of a searcher that is not likely to use your brand name in their search.  Examples might include:

  • Attracting visitors to a local conference using a promotion targeted toward anyone with a conference badge.  “10% off your meal with an Oracle Meetup conference badge”
  • Capturing the buzz around a national event such as the super bowl or Olympics.  “Watch the Super Bowl at our downtown location.  Free chips and dip all day!”
  • Dropping a sports franchise keyword on your local page by publishing the game broadcast as an event.  “Sunday at 11 am, watch the Packers v.s. Lions”

These types of local signals are great examples of unique content for your location page and increase the overall keyword space in which your location pages might be returned as results.  Similarly, they show a community engagement that can bring relevance to a national brand at the local level.

Events at locations can be added easily in MetaLocator as related records as shown below.  You can view this live on our Sample Location Landing Page.


Offers can be added in a similar manner with our Offers add-on.



These types of time-sensitive content items can expand the reach of your location pages, boost their unique content and ultimately draw more visitors to your Web site and physical locations.  To read more about the essential elements to display on a location landing page, read this article.