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Build your IVR locator in minutes

No code to write.  No phone system requirements.  Dedicated phone number.

Key Benefits

  • Handle directions, hours and common requests automatically
  • Reduce operational costs and eliminate hold time
  • Backed by the same powerful MetaLocator search system
  • Offer a toll-free number or integrate with your existing phone system
  • Promote location-specific offers and features.

Highlighted Features

  • Provide a full zip code search over the phone
  • Connect your callers directly to your locations.
  • Deliver automatic text messages with location details to your callers’ phone.
  • Backed with the hundreds of features already built into the MetaLocator platform
  • Use the same data, platform and search configuration for your Website and phone-based locator
  • View complete logs of caller locations, queries and volume.

Reduce hold times with IVR locator software

Reduce Hold Times and Stacked Up Call Queues

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All language spoken in the script can be customized. This is just one simple example. The data used here is every bank and credit union in the United States, approximately 100,000 locations.
Try searching for 53202 or 80202.

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How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Import Your Locations

From Spreadsheets, CSV, SalesForce, our API and more!

Import Your Data

Use our API for custom integrations

Configure Your Script

Write your own call script, or use the included default call script

Configure Your Script

The software comes pre-configured with a working phone postal code locator script. Modify if needed.

Publish Your Number

Integrate your dedicated number with your phone system or publish on your Web site

Publish Your Number

Dedicated Toll free and local numbers available.


Hundreds of Features

Everything you need, directly from our dashboard.  The simple, wizard-driven interface guides you through essential processes like uploading data and creating our search solution.  Dig deeper using our tutorials and documentation.  Don’t worry, if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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