Many dealer, sales and reseller networks include the concept of sales or service territories. This allows the division of a large geography into areas serviced by each location. The areas can be defined as different geography types, such as lists of counties, zip codes, states and more. MetaLocator has an extensive territory system that allows for the establishment of territories with many configurable options.

Territory Types

When creating a territory, MetaLocator has many choices regarding how to define that territory including:

  • A list of cities, counties or states
  • A list of countries
  • A list of zip codes, or zip code prefixes
  • A polygon boundary

Territory types can be combined as well, allowing for complex territories such as a state plus a few counties in another state.

Territory Options

When territories are defined, there are further options to control how they are used. They include:

  • Promote Territories – this option prefers territory results over geographic results.
  • Exclusive Territories – this limits a territory to a single location, preventing geographic results from being included for that search.
  • Empty Territories – this unique option allows for the establishment of territories to handle when there is no territory match otherwise.

Territories in a locator can provide a great way to divide your target market equally among your network. See the documentation links below to get started building a locator with territory support.