Using the AutoFind feature

MetaLocator has the ability to automatically detect the location of your visitor based on IP address or mobile device location.  … read more

International Notes

  • Data TLD:  The TLD, or Top Level Domain of your locations should be set according to the country the locations
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Updates included in release 1565

MetaLocator releases code upgrades and fixes approximately every two weeks.  This article highlights the publicly relevant aspects of this release.… read more

Store Locator for Shopify

Creating a store locator using Shopify and MetaLocator is quick and easy. First, create a new Page within Shopify to… read more

Platform-as-a-Service API

MetaLocator offers a PaaS API that allows the development of custom applications using MetaLocator as the underlying location-services platform.  This… read more

Retailer Commitment

MetaLocator drives highly qualified traffic directly to retailer Web sites.  To do this, we require structured data from the retailer,… read more

Hosted Landing Pages SEO Guide

This document outlines the concepts, features and steps necessary for fully taking advantage of MetaLocator’s Hosted SEO features.  MetaLocator’s SEO… read more

Update to SSL

For increased security, MetaLocator is dropping SSLv3 and updating our SSL Certifications to support SHA-2.  This will not affect access… read more

Annual credit card payments

To enroll your MetaLocator subscription in an annual agreement, first login to your account, select your Profile, then click Billing,… read more