Product Matching

When MetaLocator initializes a retailer for a given brand, all products from that brand available from the retailer are considered.  … read more

Importing Retailer Offers

During the setup process, it is necessary to import offers from a retailer.  This process imports the results from the… read more

Seamless SKU transitions

Some manufacturers release different product versions under new SKUs.  As these new products are released, it is important for MetaLocator… read more

Stock status definitions

In Stock

The product is known to be carried by the retailer and is currently available for purchase from the… read more

Product Offboarding

As products are released to the public on retailer Websites, the Onboarding Process finds them, and adds them to MetaLocator… read more

Manual Price Updates

Introduction Automatic product data gathering can occasionally be thwarted by advanced firewall solutions, scraper blocking technology using AI and other… read more