User Management

Platinum, Enterprise and higher account levels can create users to assist in the management of data.  To create a user,… read more

Bulk Contributors

Multi-user access is available to Platinum and higher accounts. When you have many sources of location or product data it… read more

Country Manager User Guide

As a country manager, your access includes complete control over any locations in the MetaLocator account that match the country… read more

Agency Account User Guide

If you have been invited to use MetaLocator under the Agency Program, you can setup your Agency Account and learn… read more

Group Permissions

Creating role-based permissions allows MetaLocator Enterprise customers to establish a custom access control model that follows their business rules. Group… read more

MetaLocator Teams Guide

MetaLocator Teams is an Enterprise add-on developed to provide role-based permissions in MetaLocator. It enables the creation of user groups… read more

Multi-factor Authentication

When logging in, you may see a prompt to provide an “Authentication Code” as shown below: This is MetaLocator’s multi-factor… read more

Finding your User Id

Your user id is shown in the upper right under your profile as shown below (156 in this example): If… read more