Lead bounce status codes

When leads fail to delivery, MetaLocator captures the bounce and stores an enumerated value along with the lead in the… read more

Lead email bounce handling

When an end user emails a location via our built-in Lead Generation forms, MetaLocator generates a record in the Leads… read more

Tracking lead acknowledgement

Typically when a customer completes a lead form, the email is delivered to the email associated with the location record.  … read more

Lead Blocklist Configuration

The Lead Blocklist feature allows for the specification of criterion to be blocked from the Lead system. The options are:… read more

Lead Abuse Prevention

Preventing abuse and pricing farming by malicious visitors to a locator is essential when managing large dealer networks representing large… read more

Exporting Leads

To export leads from MetaLocator, click Leads and Export as shown below: Leads in MetaLocator are stored in an encrypted… read more

Lead Follow-up Reviews

This article discusses a feature available to Enterprise customers only. When a customer uses the locator to contact a dealer… read more

Capturing Leads

You can create a link in your locator that displays a contact form for each location that collects business inquiry… read more

Sending Lead Thank You emails

MetaLocator can send your leads a thank you message indicating that the lead was successfully received. This feature includes 3… read more

Lead Reminders

Lead acknowledgement allows your organization to understand when a lead recipient has (or hasn’t) taken action on an incoming business… read more

Lead Budget Field

The Budget field on the lead form is a special field that unlocks the ability to report leads in terms… read more

Unsubscribe for lead emails

Sending inquiries to partners that don’t respond can be frustrating for your customer. This can also be frustrating for the… read more