Map Marker Icons

There are several ways to control how the map marker icon appears on your Interface.  This article includes links to… read more

Using the AutoFind feature

MetaLocator has the ability to automatically detect the location of your visitor based on IP address or mobile device location.  … read more

Creating Numbered Map Markers

To reinforce the visual association of the Map Marker with the particular corresponding Directory entry, it’s sometimes desirable to identify… read more

The radius dropdown

The radius (a.k.a. Distance) drop-down allows users to select from a range of pre-set distances within which results should be… read more

Toggle interface Map

Not all interfaces need to display a map.  If you would like to hide the map, set Layout Settings >… read more

Custom CSS

MetaLocator supports custom CSS for users in our Pro and higher plans. CSS can be provided directly in the CSS… read more

Adding a marker legend

The map marker legend displays a visual map “key” to inform your visitors what each map marker icon represents.  An… read more