MetaLocator’s administration leads the industry in location content management. The administrative control panel provides access to all aspects of the platform. Customers have access to the same tools as our staff. We designed the administration system to be easy to use and powerful while providing access for developers and beginners alike.

getting started with store locator software

Get Started Easily

The control panel greets new users with a Getting Started wizard which guides the user through importing data, creating a locator and deploying to a Website.

manage location content in a location content management system

Content Management

Bulk import data from multiple sources, add, edit and curate location content. Delegate access to groups of data to your users or crowdsource location content from your users.

locator software analytics

Complete Analytics

MetaLocator captures all aspects of user activity within the locator. User searches, external links, category searches, leads and phone calls are all captured in our analytics system.

international locator software

Multi-language, multi-country

Create a complete global locator with language selections and translation management tools. Translate any customer-facing aspect of the software for complete international support. MetaLocator supports all address systems, formats and even right-to-left text directions.

store locator builder

Build Locators with Point & Click

Use the Interface Editor to craft your search solution using over 350 options. Choose from a template and then adapt the branding, options and layout using our intuitive tools.

multi user store locator

User Management

The user manager provides access to creating users of various types, managing access, passwords and access levels.

store locator data quality

Data Quality

Identify incomplete location content including missing phone numbers, poor geocoding or absent social media information.

The dashboard provides access to all MetaLocator features. No need to call us to add countries, download analytics or access advanced developer features. Create a free trial below to see for yourself.