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Enterprise Locator Software

Provide locator search and manage global location data with MetaLocator.

Locator Software for Large Corporations

Large organizations need more than a locator plugin, widget or snippet.  Enterprise applications require a locator software system with workflow, compliance, audit trail and extensibility.  MetaLocator has the reliability, logging and multi-user access delegation required for large organizations. 

MetaLocator customers include global corporations including HP, DuPont, Canon, Toshiba, Dow, Allegion and many more.  Global enterprises require complete internationalization features, access controls and systems integration capability to have success.  MetaLocator delivers these features in a manner that works with global teams.

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Features for the Enterprise

  • Dedicated, private cloud resources

  • SLAs, Custom Agreements and Multi-year agreements

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Access to our Engineering Team

  • Logging, version control and workflow

  • Data Encryption and Enterprise Security Standards


  • Global Partner Locator

  • Dealer Locator

  • Where to Buy

  • Voice and Text Locators

  • Much more…