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Beacon Management in the Cloud

Manage iBeacon and EddyStone deployments from our Web-based control panel.  Access and update via RESTful API.  Leverage our mobile app for deployment, identification and update.

Enterprise Beacon Platform

Managing beacons in the wild can become a practical and organizational challenge as the number of beacons and distribution locations grow.  Our Web-based platform allows content managers and technicians to manage beacon deployments in the enterprise.

Track in-store visits with app-integrated geo-fencing of your retail locations.  Trigger Google Tag Manager conversions based on app or mobile browser sessions going on in-store.

Beacon Content Management System

MetaLocator allows technicians to associate groups of beacons with physical locations, allowing micro location and macro location content management.  Manage multiple site deployments with the content management tools to maintain beacon status, content and location.

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