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Locator Software for WordPress

In this example, we will create a store locator for a WordPress site.  MetaLocator works with any content management system or blogging tool available and here we'll show how it integrates with one of the most popular blog systems available. First, create an Interface by following this brief video tutorial Now we simply copy the [...]

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Store Locator for Drupal

Creating a store locator for Drupal could not get any easier than with  Once you've created your locator (Interface), using this quick video tutorial below follow the next few steps to install the locator to your Drupal site/page. Use our example data and default interface to quickly familiarize yourself - you can always start [...]

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UK Store Locator Software

MetaLocator supports all geographic locations supported by Google Maps.  By leveraging Google's vast and rapidly updated location infrastructure, is able to offer location solutions for nearly all countries.  We also provide Bing, Nextel, MapQuest and OpenMap map interfaces. Your customers can use UK postal codes such as "S71 1EY" or detect their location and display [...]

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Analytics for Store Locator Software

Many Store Locator Software vendors offer you meager, home-brewed statistics as part of their software.  However, analytics is not their core business and you end up with basic reports like number of hits, visits and referrers.  We take analytics a step further by leveraging the industry-standard Google Analytics.  This approach lets you view incredibly detailed [...]

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We added marker clustering to a growing list of features

Google Maps was a ground breaking advancement in user interface when it first arrived on the Web.  The dynamic panning, zooming and clickable markers provided an intuitive way to interact with spatial information. Admittedly, it can be a little difficult sometimes when you display a lot of condensed information.  Not only do items become unclickable, [...]

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Secure Branch Locator and ATM Finder

Financial institutions are faced with many security and Web site trust issues. With the advancement of phishing attacks and forged emails, customers are increasingly distrusting of banking Web sites.  If at any point, your customer sees a warning that the connection is no longer secured, you can risk losing the already weakened faith of your [...]

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Managing Store Locator Software is a hosted store locator software solution.  There are other hosted solutions available, but few are as easy to manage as  When you sign up,  you receive a username and password that gives you access to our control panel.  Once you've chosen the appropriate options and added your locations you receive a single [...]

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The importance of providing a store locator

Any company that offers any kind of customer-accessible resource in wide-ranging geographic locations should provide an easy mechanism for it's web site users to search for find those resources.  These resources could be retail locations, ATMs, branch locations, kiosks, member directory or even sales personnel. Visit the Demos area of the our site and client portfolio for ideas. In [...]

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At we take security very seriously.  This article outlines the major areas where we focus on application security. Database Security: Each customer's data is stored in an individually secured MySQL database, with a unique, highly secure password assigned by our systems.  Database permissions are assigned such that only that user may interact with that [...]

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Facebook Store Locator Software

Facebook Store Locator Create a store locator, dealer locator or any other type of location directory on your company's Facebook page quickly and easily using Our store locator software integrates with Facebook to provide a completely seamless locator experience.  All features available in our standard website-based offering are included in the Facebook [...]

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