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Build Location Aware Applications

Create mobile apps, custom integrations and smart solutions with MetaLocator’s RESTful API

Build your own iOS and Android Apps and custom integrations using the MetaLocator platform

Securely search around the user’s location, provide formatted location details and have complete control over the results in a simple RESTful API call.

  • Search methods to retrieve your data
  • Manage content and settings from MetaLocator.com without writing code
  • Works in all countries and languages

MetaLocator’s API is the ideal platform for mobile locator applications.  Import your data into MetaLocator, configure an interface and then query those results using the API.  Calling the API is as simple as this example, which returns results within 50 miles of a given postal code:


The response includes an array of results that includes all of the data you have imported into MetaLocator, including custom fields, images, descriptions and attachments.

MetaLocator’s API is available as an Add-on.  

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